robersonThe MemorialAid single I Have A Song features artists from the worlds of Lovers Rock (UK Reggae), Hip Hop, R n B, and Afro pop. This fusion of genres has created a new and exciting UK urban sound described as “Rag Bop”. Sales from this historic single will enable the Nubian Jak Community Trust to continue its work both in the UK and worldwide, including installing the first memorial in Europe specifically dedicated to African and Caribbean service men and women of both World Wars.   General Release: 28 February 2016 Written by Eric Roberson (Copyright Control)  2016 MemorialAid Records   keyboard  
Musicians Piano, Orchestral Strings, and Bass Solo: Goz-i-am Flute: Keith Waithe Kora and Djembe Drums: Mosi Conde Organ, Strings, and Bass Guitar: Chavez Shillingford Rhythm and Lead Guitar: James Hill Bass Keyboard and Strings fills: Jak Beula Guitar fills: Alberto Jahsie Bass Synth fills: Keel Watson Keyboard fills Lindel Lewis drumnbase Drum and Bass Prog: Chevi Mastin (Natural Mystic) Drum and Bass Prog: Dexter “Rob” Lindo (Natural Mystic) Talking Drum: Ayanwale Ogungbe   Vocalists Lead vocal: Eric Roberson Lead vocal: Jak Beula Rap vocal: Tanagna
Backing Vocals: IMG_2296 Jak Beula Rachel Huggins Charlene Braithwaithe David Nolan Sacha Denton   The Reggae Choir Fola Phillip Charmaine Francis Valeriya Gosposinova Margaret Jones Rueanne Duncan Jones Richard Brown Samantha Clarke Patricia Nisbett Vanessa Howell Mary Richards Lillian Harper Karen Wallace Zhen Muhxinga Miriam Williams
                                                                thanks Also special thanks to: Eric Roberson, Kesheni Aghaji (Project Manager), Yvonne Wilson for suggesting the song for MemorialAid, Tim and Jenny and everyone at Raw Material Studios, Goz-i-am and the staff of Smokehouse studios, Kwaku at Music Congress, Diane Dunkley, Pauline Henry, Jay Mastin at Parkway C.S Ltd, Tracey Francis at BRYC, Lindel Lewis at Kufe Records, and to all the family at Reggae Fraternity UK especially Colin Brown and Audrey Scott.  Also thanks to Paula “Jazzy Lady”, Carol Jack, Keel Watson, Abi Jenae and Fungai Malianga for assisting with the vocal recording process